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Late Sh. Sita Ram Kohli


In 1970, Sitaram Dewan Chand chole bhature kicked off its journey of selling chole bhature with a modest business set up. In the following decade, the taste of chole bhature became the talk of the town which brought scores of people to relish the taste. By the 1990's Shri Sita Ram established a shop which led to the building of an empire that progressed with time. It formed a legacy of taste, affinity with the customers which stays even to this date.




Discover the scintillatingly spicy journey of Sitaram Dewanchand's chole bhature which continues to win hearts of foodies from all corners of the country. We are transporting you to the world of pure taste comprised of our famed zesty chole made of a selection of spices and cushiony soft bhature. Our skillful chole bhature makers ensure you get pure, clean and indulgent taste in every single bite!

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