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We all do love food. But when the same food becomes an emotion, there has to be strong connection of taste! The same can be said about some really tasty chole bhature. If chole bhature were a fashion trend, it had been an evergoing trend! The dish that was once popular only in the Northern part of the country has now catapulted to different regions of the country, and dare we say the world.  The best part of chole bhature is its availability, the affordable price point which makes this dish well within reach of one and all. If you are looking for some super packed delicious chole bhature, Sitaram Diwan Chand is where you need to head to.

Decoding the delicious chole bhature

The taste of chole bhature had piqued many a mind wondering how it can be so yummy in taste. To summarize a bit, chole bhature, which can be tagged as the best food to eat in delhi is a blend of many flavors packed in one. It is for this reason that the eventual dish becomes so lipsmacking. As opposed to many other choices of street food in Delhi, a plate of chole bhature does not offer unifical taste. To start with the bhature or fried flatbread, it is made of extremely fluffy dough which is kneaded for hours by balancing the entire mix in such a way that they get their typical bulge to the full after frying. As a matter of fact, if the bhature that you are getting served is not golden brown in color, soft in their mouth-fill then it is a big right flag for you right there. When you are served a bhature, it had better be hot and fresh! Next in line is some delicious chole whose mention can set anyone’s heart racing.

The chole of character and class!

Chole bhature is incomplete without the chole as the bhature gets the elevation of taste because of the chole which is cooked in a meticulous manner with spices over a period of time. As a result the chole or the spiced chickpeas make a delicious bite due to its rich gravy and texture. The taste of chole is directly propotional to the blend of spices which is put in use. It is obvious that this richness in taste cannot be achieved by playing around with a few spice mixes. Though we know that chole is a stellar hit that can turn up the heat, if you still need some more dash of spices, you are welcome to go for endless refills of spiced pickles available with your platter!

Sitaram Diwan Chand’s tasty chole bhature has been perfected by choosing the best of spices in its fresh form to give you the taste that your taste buds identify even now. Add to that, the chole which is used and all other raw materials that go into the making of chole bhature are of the highest standards with no room for any adultration. Hence, you can literally choose to have our delicious chole bhature blindfolded.

And lastly, we have a message for all our dilly-daily foodies. We do not intend to be a bother to your endless hours of lazing around procrastinations. Nor would be ask you to get out from the comfort of your couch. For we had you, and only you in mind when we launched our online delivery service! So just sit around, pick the number of plates you wish to order and get set to enjoy the tastiest platter without breaking a sweat! Happy feasting!

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