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Delhi, the national capital of India is huge, diverse and extremely fast-paced in their lifestyle. All you see is the hustle and bustle to edge out each other. In such challenging conditions to live, there are very few things that provide solace to the soul; the food being one of them. As evident in the choices, the people on the fast lane do not wish to be held back by time. When it comes to food, they are even more uncompromising. So what could be the way out? Looks like it is going to be the online food delivery of chole bhature, that too for a good reason.

The age of delicious and instantaneous

Chole bhature has an insurmountable lead among all other vegetarian food that are available in Delhi or elsewhere. This delicacy’s sheer versatility to satisfy your hunger anytime of the day makes it a favorite for many. Such is the craze for chole bhature that people, even the zippy ones won’t mind waiting in the queue for some time. We at Sitaram Diwanchand know what a hungry stomach demands and hence we give you the food that checks off all the major requisites; food portion, timely delivery, and of course a taste to relish.

The journey of taste filled in Delhi’s favorite delicacy began in the 80’s and since then it has been an upward ride courtesy the warmth with which our chole bhature was received. As a dish that quickly became the best street food in delhi, chole bhature is now every foodie’s delight. The simple looking dish has the vital component of bread and chickpeas that have been cooked under intense spices which gives you the flavor of choice. In spite of such mix of spices, it is not going to be an overkill of taste as every spice variety added to the chole is handpicked, is added in reasonable amounts and combined to give you a subtle taste in every bite. If you are a shaky eater, you won’t be complaining of the spices that literally scald your tongue, and if you are the spice crazy foodie, you will be all praises for the spice profile. When delicious food is around, very few would complain of the calories and the subsequent effect on the health. But an ultra conscious calorie counter who crunches more numbers than food, the need of conviction is higher.

So to set the record straight, we can safely declare that chole bhature is not a food reliant on artificial flavor or preservation. Rather every chunk of dough that is made for the bhature is made on a daily basis to give the freshness of food we need. Again, when comparing chole bhature with other dishes laden processed dairy products, the taste and the nutritional value would come out higher for the former. Hence, the next time you get piqued by what other foods have on offer with taste, do consider a plate of chole bhature.

If it is quick, it is tasty

No one would want to be kept waiting for their food even at home. So why would anyone wait in the queues that just refuse to move. In spite of our best efforts, we too concede to the rush of people who swarm at our outlet to  get their hands on no 1 chole bhature of delhi. Hence, as a sheer acknowledgement of your love for chole bhature, we offer online orders and delivery to your destination; and that makes your love affair with food even more spicier right at the comfort of your home or workplace.

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