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Birthdays are much awaited by almost all of us. Regardless of whether you are the one who is supposed to throw a birthday bash or it is your friend asking you to celebrate their special day in life, the excitement never fades. After all the customary celebrations of cake cutting and lots of hooting, we are left with a hungry stomach. This is the time when the need for best food for birthday party is felt the most.

Everyone out there is well aware about the spicy food in Delhi and there is no way it can be omitted from the birthday parties as well. To make your birthday parties flavorful, a plate of chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand is all you need! Chole bhature is easily the most popular dish in northern part of India and people won’t mind gorging on them on any occasion.

Rich Taste and Perfect Blend of Flavors 

Chole bhature is a famed dish consisting of chole which is basically chickpeas that are cooked in a mix of highly flavorful and fragrant spices. Chole’s taste profile is extremely dynamic as the spices in use are carefully picked and ground together to bring out the best flavors. At Sitaram Diwanchand, we have perfected our combination of all the spices which gives the chole its signature lip-smacking taste. For people who are more gravitated towards spicy food in Delhi, chole bhature becomes the obvious choice.

Chole is complemented with fried breads known as bhature. Bhature is made of all purpose flour and is kneaded relentlessly till get the texture of becoming fluffy when fried. The super soft bhature’s bite dipped with chole makes the best combination a foodie can possibly ask for. So if your birthday is around the corner, it is time you revved up the taste buds with delicious chole bhature plate from us.

Gone are the days when birthday celebrations were followed the same old food options with not much of enthusiasm to go for a refill. Moreover, when you are done with endless slices of cake which has overpowering sweetness, a food with almost the same taste profile or any dish that has less spices won’t be appealing to the taste buds. Therefore, chole bhature, the signature spicy food in Delhi is what you seriously need to consider the next time.

Delivering Delicacies Fuss Free Best Food for Birthday Party 

Alright, we got you. You may be rambling over how you can get an elaborate dish like chole bhature on time. Well, like any other food, our chole bhature is also available online  All you got to do is place your order on our website and provide all the specifics of your order size and delivery location. Once done, we will get them delivered straight at your home at the quickest time possible. Enough said! Time for you to order the best food for birthday party.


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