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Every morning is a tussle with self and also a race against time. It is likely to see many of us hustling for the early morning prep amid the bustling space. In short, everything is disorderly. There is no schedule for a proper breakfast, and the only plausible excuse to come up with will be lack of time. No wonder, you are totally famished by the time your lunch hour begins. With that hunger pang, if we assume you can devour an entire buffet platter, it won’t be an exaggeration.

Jokes apart, the need of some lunch food is always there and let’s face it; not all of us are blessed with the art of cooking a perfect food for lunch. Add to that, some of us are too lazy to cook. But if you are a die-hard chole bhature fan, we have your back. For Sitaram Diwanchand delivers chole bhature platter which has been tagged as the best food in delhi ncr. Even if you haven’t gotten the taste of chole bhature yet, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Why chole bhature qualifies as online meal delivery

Well, to answer to that question, we ask you back. Are you not bored of eating the same old combination of food that does fill your tummy but not your cravings? If yes, then why not try out a plate of chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand? Moreover our chole bhature are as Punjabi in flavor as it gets. After all, who can really resist the classic combination of chickpeas and deep fried leavened bread known as bhature. And if you really want to up the game of spices, there is some pickles too. Once this spicy mouth fill settles well in your tummy, you can cool off with some chilled lassi for the most befitting end to a perfect lunch mania.

The many facets of our chole bhature

It is not just for lunch that our foodies seek Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature for. As one of the few complete meals in taste and portion, chole bhature is truly the go-to food for any time of the day. We have already spoken about chole bhature being a great option for lunch for the late risers. But worry not! This delicacy is a bigger hit among the foodies who simply won’t budge for a boring breakfast. For all those needing a kick-start for their day, chole bhature’s serving can be an absolute morning motivation! So go on. What is holding you back?

Delicious food is out for delivery

Oh right! We hear you. You need your food as online delivery. Very well then. So the least you need to do is get signed up on our website and register your order. Once done, it is time to add as many plate of chole bhature as you need to give rest to your hunger. And if you are at it, add some of those icy cool lassi or the aam panna we all have good childhood memories of. And there we have it! Your ultimate online meal delivery out for being handed to you right at your doorstep.

As easy as you like it for making chole bhature the best food in delhi, we too are equally happy about working round the clock, sometimes even when the shutters are down. The reason is rather simple. We value the taste and trust that the foodie community across all the generations have bestowed on us whenever they are in for some delicious chole bhature.

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