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The sheer love for food is perhaps well documented and each one of the stories and memories can bea bestseller. For people in Delhi and in North India, chole bhature is perhaps the only answer as a food which calms the hunger pangs, makes for the menu of any party or bashes. Moreover, it is the dish they believe deserves the tag of perfect spicy food in Delhi.

Chole Bowl to Bowl Over You

As we all know, no food in the Indian cuisine can stand out without the clever and subtle use of spices. The chole in the chole-bhature combo too follows the same. The chickpeas are left to be cooked in low heat in the amalgamation of spices that have been tried, perfected and tested over the years. After years of exploration of people’s taste buds, we are set to say that people like the spicy notes of chole a lot better. The more the merrier is how we define people’s love for some spicy food in Delhi. With each bite of chole bhature, you experience the joy of eating an uber cool food that has broken the barriers to become a pan-India hit dish. At Sitaram Diwanchand, the same taste continues to be served over the decades and this makes us swell in pride like our super fluffy bhature.

Speaking of bhature, the calm looking fried bread must not be taken for granted either; for it neutralizes the fiery chole’s heat with its soft preparation and no condiments taste. Perhaps the character to the chole is given by the bhature which makes a savory meal altogether.

Beating Hunger Whilst Beating The Heat

The weather is anything but harsh and it is unleashing excruciating heat. Therefore, stepping outside in the sun is the last thing that you would want. But what if you crave chole bhature? Well, worry not! You won’t be left starving or ruing over missing out on a plate best chole bhature in Delhi. If online purchase is the norm, why should chole bhature be behind? Hence, we have the online order facility for our plates of chole bhature that you want to gorge on when feeling hungry.

Besides the sheer ease to register and order online, we also make sure that your plate of chole bhature is delivered well in time so you do not have to be on a tug of war with hunger. So just sit back and order online. Soon as your order is delivered, we set out at the fastest possible time to deliver your plate of chole bhature.

Go ahead and order to your heart fondness; no matter how big the order size, the tastes remains the same. If you are hosting birthday parties, small get together and hosting friends, Sitaram Diwanchand chole bhature is way to go!

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