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Summer is here. It is the time to look for shelter and take cover from the sun which is shining the brightest and unleashing mayhem with heat. Right? Wrong! Life has to move on regardless of what the weather is like and so should our love for some good food that is supposed to keep us stuffed as well as happy for a long time. The search for best street food in east delhi is on for many foodies out there. But one has to concede to the fact that some tasty chole bhature is a winner already; time and again.

It is not about the ingredients, not even about the portion; because chole bhature is an emotion! Very few dishes can combine the bliss the way chole bhature does. As you set out to get your chole bhature plate, we too make sure that the taste makes your wait and excitement worthwhile. Right in the early hours of the day when a part of Delhi is still napping, Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature makers start their preparation process without fail. Be it the hours of effort to knead the dough for achieving the fluffy texture when fried afterwards or slicing and slitting the chillies for making that perfect pickles along with carrot slices. The big moment comes when the chole or spiced chickpeas are to undergo the intense process of elevating taste. This is largely done with the help of best spices available and chosen over the years to make the chole optimally spicy.

Once you step in at Sitaram Diwanchand’s outlet in Old Delhi, you will be greeted with scenes of people of all ages eating their chole bhature with a sense of utmost joy. So tempting is the sight that you cannot resist ordering your plate of tasty chole bhature. Very few people shall leave the chance of going all in for this chole bhature that has been part of the national capital’s food legacy for four decades and beyond. It is this continued quest for best taste on our end and the zeal of foodies for chole bhature which has made us a household name.

Since the summers have arrived, we do need something calming to the soul after having such an uncontrollable rush of spiced food. Therefore, we have added the delight of refreshingly chilled lassi for you. For people who like something more tangy, there us masala shikanji available in lemon and jeera variants. As you gulp down these quintessentially desi beverage, the trickling sensation is sure to give you the much needed relief from the sweltering heat of Delhi. It won’t be incorrect to say that it would be the perfect way to wrap up your day of extreme toil. Or maybe this is the kind of appetizing start you might need to beat the heat.

Lastly, we do know that there is a group of people who cannot brave the heat and turn up to our outlets. Hence, we have an exclusive online booking facility of your plates of chole bhature which shall be delivered to you at your doorsteps. After following some easy steps to order your chole bhature, and execution of payment, you are set to get your hands on delicious chole bhature that has been made with, packed in seal packed containers and delivered in quickest possible time.

With such a delicious food filled with Indian-ness, there is no way you should give a miss to chole bhature. Just in case you are someone reading this from outside of the national capital region, Sitaram Diwanchand heartily welcomes you to our outlet the next time you visit Delhi.

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