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For all we know, the cravings that you have for the best food in delhi  can make you go restless if that dish is not served on time. More so because a street food comes packed with a lot of punch in regards to taste, availability and the price tag. As Indians, we take our street food very seriously which is why it is not unusual to see food carts, and easy on the pocket small restaurants in every city’s nook and corner. And if we talk about the national capital in particular, chole bhature is the best street food in delhi hands down.

Chole bhature’s legendary in the streets of Delhi is as talked about as the heritage of old monuments. It has been a meal which has been cutting across the generations of food lovers. Very few food items can be distinct, and yet so inclusive in taste. Chole bhature can also give you the tummy fill any day without having you to spend a lot on one portion of meal.

For the unversed, chole bhature is a dish made of spiced, slightly tangy chickpeas which are fermented in spicy mix of gravy. It is this continuous fermentation in the gravy which gives the chole its spicy taste. To top that, there is bhatura or the bhature, a bread made of all purpose flour dough and fried deep into oil. Once done, you get to see the most delightful sight; a plate decorated with a bowl of hot and tangy chole along with a couple of fluffy bhature that get ballooned due to frying. To add more of the spice story to this delicious script, the foodie in you won’t hesitate to add a few green chilis and pickles on the side.

As easy as it is to gorge on a plate of chole bhature, the process of delivering the consistency in taste is a tough art to master. Sitaram Diwanchand, since the early 60’s have been doing exactly what is supposed to be done; make a drool worthy chole bhature which is easy on the tummy,  available at unbeatable price. If you have not tried chole bhature at Sitaram Diwanchand yet, you are surely missing out on the no.1 chole bhature of delhi. More so because it is not just chole bhature that you have on our offering. We also have a selection of beverages like the classic sweets lassi, masala shikanji and aam panna which you crave on a sultry day.

If you are one of those foodies who is an ardent admirer of chole bhature, you surely know that chole bhature is what you can swear by. After all, the portion of chole bhature in a meal and its versatility to become an all-time snack can hardly be matched by all other food items regardless of the cuisine.

For the ultra high-conscious, we would like to say that you must not consider chole bhature as a fast food that can take a toll on health. We at Sitaram Diwanchand firmly believe that the beauty of the Indian cuisine is that they debunk the idea of fast food being a junk food. As opposed to many food choices that are laden with irrational amounts of salt, processed fats, sodium and other harmful chemicals for their preservation and taste retention, Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature is as fresh as the morning vibes of the nature.

So without any further ado, it is time you visited our outlet to get your plate of chole bhature or register your order to us directly if you want this delicious food as your online meal delivery.

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