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A brief peek from the window to check what it is like outside and you see the sun shining the brightest. The misery does not end there. You go on seeing many fatigued faces trying to slog it out as they are on the way to reach their destination. Would such a sight encourage you to set out on a hot summer noon? We hear you scoffing a “no”. But what if you are aching for some tasty chole bhature?

Fret not! Sitaram Diwan Chand is the answer for all your cravings as our chole bhature is not the no.1 chole bhature to fill in the ranks. We are numero uno choice of the foodies because we always strive to connect with the lovers of chole bhature by all means. Hence, we have our well knit delivery network that does not keep you waiting to gorge on some tasty chole bhature. Regardless of what the weather is like, a diehard chole bhature fan would never give up on his spicy indulgence of this dish which has swep away the nation in recent times.

Chole bhature can be described as coming together of some of the most diverse flavours that are creates by using the simplest of ingredients that are available to us. Yet, it is only a handful few who  can master the art of churning out the no 1 chole bhature in delhi-ncr.

What goes into our chole bhature?

Our chole bhature is made with much careful process so that you get the consistency in taste in every order of yours. It all starts with boiling the chickpeas to the point that they lose their hardened nature and yet stay intact in shape. Next, the same chole is mixed in a selection of spices that have been chosen, mixed and balanced after much thought and taste. This ensured that our chole remain a class apart and gives its signature taste to die for. As the entire mix is cooked in high temperature, the heat takes care of the absorption of spices which makes the rich gravy that you love to dig in incessantly.

If food is your indulgence, some tasty chole bhature is sure to set the tone for a great snacking session!

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We deliver your order while you chill indoors

There is no point in queuing up for your plate of chole bhature in this age when virtual accessibility is so easy. All you need is your phone and we are there for you. Sitaram Diwan Chand is marching along with the trend of online food delivery. Hence, all you need to do is login to our website with your account, share your order details, the number of plates you wish to get delivered and lastly the address where you wish to get your orders. Once done, all you got to do wait for us for a reasonable amount of time. We shall deliver you some hot chole bhature whilst you stay calm inside the air conditioned comfort of your home/office. Food, for sure needs some efforts in their making. But we believe you are better off putting your hard work relishing the taste of the no 1 chole bhature!

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