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Delhi has been connoted as the heart of India in its local language; and how dare we disagree with the assessment? From the bustling streets of Old Delhi to the urban areas of the capital that have redefined India’s growth story, and even the places that are home to rich Indian history, Delhi is your ultimate test for the explorer in you. With such vivid and varied culture with multiple shades and flavor, it is obvious that the food is also going to be vibrant.

While many of us are conscious eaters, there are people who certainly won’t compromise with food even on the go. Few places do deny them of delicious food. But Delhi won’t. For it has a never ending food options to choose from and that too in various cuisines. If we narrow down to the Indian cuisines, the city of Delhi swears by chole bhature which has developed the status of best food to eat in old delhi. If you are a traveler and want some refreshment through food, you had better order a plate of chole bhature.

In present times, there is no dearth of places that offer chole bhature. Even the parts of the country that were once stuck to local cuisines are now serving their own version of what they call spicy chole bhature in delhi. Be that as it may. But if you are someone who prefers authenticity over replication, Delhi is the place to be for delicious chole bhature.

And what can be a better place to gorge on some chole bhature than Sitaram Diwanchand’s outlet in old Delhi vicinity. Staying true to authenticity, taste right at the center of Old Delhi, you will have the most wholesome experience of having chole bhature.

From the “work in progress” of the 80’s to the “New India” that we see today, Sitaram Diwanchand has truly stood as a testament to the entire development phase of the country and capital. As such, we have contributed our bit to the food map of India with our delicious chole bhature. With a motto to solidify love for food, we dish out chole bhature that people can eat for long as they are not satisfied. For a first timer, you need to know that bhature are fluffy and soft as cotton that are meant to literally melt in your mouth. We make the bhatures nice and fresh that are to be served with some zesty and hot chole. Again, you need to be told that chole is basically spiced chickpeas with all the necessary spicing done to them.

To add more variety in space, you can choose to munch on some spiced pickles which add tang to the platter. All in all, when you unload your backpack and enter the Sitaram Diwanchand outlet, you will be welcomed with nothing but the tasty chole bhature you shall remember for a long time. Speaking of remembering things. What if you forgot to visit our outlet and you are racing against time to return to your destination. Well, no need to panic! We are available online and can deliver you the same delicious chole bhature by the virtue of our own delivery system. Booking your plates of chole bhature has been made simple with our app and websites. Let the food of comfort reach to you when you are well placed in your comfort.

So the next time, you choose to visit the capital city, you know where you have to head to for getting your hands on some tasty chole bhature.

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