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As an obvious fact, we are all aware that the foodies swear by tasty dishes. There is no such thing as “proper timing” for them so far as eating good food goes. While the choices of best dishes are aplenty, many people would resort to having the no.1 chole bhature in town. Chole bhature is not just a dish with a huge mouth-fill. It is the sheer spark of taste that seals the deal for foodies passionate about their food.

Chole bhature and the Sitaram Diwan Chand connect

As a dish, a plate of tasty chole bhature is much sought and people seem to get excited over the thought of gorging on them. Foodies throng in numbers to get their hands on a plate of chole bhature. But if you are from the national capital, you know for sure that every outlet you go to cannot churn out perfectly balanced flavour in chole bhature. Moreover, there are people who believe in the legacy of taste. For such foodies, Sitaram Diwan Chand is the place to go to. At a time when the “foodscape” has gone almost dystrophic due to mindless fusions and experimentations, people are preferring authenticity over anything else.

Chole bhature is a healthy mix of tasty food and a portion that keeps you stuffed for quite some hours. It all starts with the chole or spiced chickpeas that are prepared with immense flavouring of best spices. The spice mix is not an ordinary one either since it has the best grounded spices whose fusion has been perfected after many years of taste-tests. The spiced chole can set the tone for a perfect food which is equally complemented with some hot and fluffy bhature. Bhature or fried bread in its large size keeps can eliminate your hunger pang in a matter of few minutes. Both chole and the bhature are incomplete without each other despite having exceptional standalone taste.

So as someone who is yet to get his hands on chole bhature, here is what they need to do. Take a piece of bhature and dip it in the simmering chole gravy along with pickings of few spiced chickpeas. Once that bite goes into your mouth, your taste buds are sure to be exploded with a flavour bomb of tastes.

Spicy food is the heart and soul of every Indian dish and chole bhature has quite a high quotient on that front. The naysayers and the phony purists about health may go on with their rants on the spices or the sheer combination that chole bhature has. But in reality, the same group may also be seen lurking around the best places to eat chole bhature when they get tormented by their so-called healthy food.

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As unapologetic foodie, you are the king/queen of your food choices and we are glad if you pick our chole bhature as one of your go-to dishes when hunger hits your hard. Since the summer is at its peak, there is no point in going to have a bite in chole bhature in person if you are not anywhere closer to the old Delhi vicinity.

Hence, we encourage you to order food online from our website at your home’s comfort. Regardless of the order size, we shall be more than happy to let you enjoy your chole bhature at the comfort of your homes.

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