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A dish becomes someone’s obsession when it leaves you asking for more. Whether it is the taste or the portion, you just won’t feel like having enough. While the cheapest food in delhi may be available in every cuisine and the taste preferences can be varied, one food comes off as the more favored than others. If we are to apply the same theory for people and the foodie community in the northern part of India, the dish of chole bhature is sure to register a sweeping victory as the best street food in delhi.

There is hardly any city, big or small, any nook and corner wherein you won’t see this food being eaten, craved and chased by the foodies. And why not? After all, it is one of the few dishes which is complete on all counts; the taste is paramount, it is easily available and most importantly, chole bhature does not cost you a fortune as opposed other fancy dishes!

The fixation of fried bhature and spicy chickpeas

Simple as that sounds, chole bhature is one of most satisfying delicacies that provides satisfaction to your taste buds. Once you have your first bite, there is very little chance that you are going to stop eating them for the world. For a foodie well aware of his food and spices, a chole bhature becomes an obligation to fill the necessity of the hungry stomach. So what is so very special about chole bhature, you may ask. Well, that would be its sheer simplicity in apperance and food servicing; yet it packs a punch of exceptional flavors that makes the after effects of taste swoon over your mind. Even when some small alterations/variations of spices is done, the famous chole bhature of delhi will still taste as awesome as they like.

A dish combining fried flat bread and a bowl of tangy/spicy chickpea is a complete elevator of mood and that is why more desi people gorge on this delicacy.

The thin line between chole bhature and chole puri

If you ever think that chole bhature and chole puri could be the same, you are most likely to be blasphemous in view of the ardent chole bhature fans. While both puri and bhature are served with zesty chole, the biggest differentiator between the two fried breads is its size. Bhature are relatively big and have that beautiful brown texture and puri is smaller and circular in shape. Add to that, the taste of bhature can be detected thanks to the all purpose flour but puri may or not be made of the same. At times, people substitute the all purpose flour with atta. So it is safe to assume that the humble atta puri  shall be no match to either taste or portion when compared with the gigantic bhature; and you do know that the foodie inside you won’t take the second best option as the next online meal delivery!

Tracking order and calories

This goes for the weight watchers and the overtly conscious eaters. A section of people are so obsessed with counting their calories that they get laden with guilt when they give in to their guilty pleasures. Although we too respect that sentiment, we would also like to add that chole bhature is not a grossly cooked junk food with no nutritional value. When eaten in moderation, it is filling and the chickpeas add to the protein intake, a key macronutrient for which fitness freaks are always on the hunt. So what are you waiting for. Grab your phone and get a plate of chole bhature which we will be happy to serve as an online meal delivery that won’t keep you starving for long.

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