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Delve into the world of tasty chole bhature amped by Delhi’s rich culinary legacy. Chole bhature is such an iconic dish that it can open a barrage of emotions and praises by foodies. Know more about what goes into this delicious delicacy.

Very rarely does food fail to change your dull mood into a jolly one. Such is the magical effect of food that it can spring a change of perspective the moment it hits the taste buds of your mouth. In a country like India where food is celebrated in every eating session, there is no way one can get enough of their favourite delicacies. However, there are also many dishes which trump over the other delicious foods. Such dishes grow in popularity because of its wholesomeness. And the same can be said about tasty chole bhature.

Cutting across generations and cuisines

As a dish, we all know how famous chole bhature is. No wonder it is being loved by one and all. Many people are under the impression that chole bhature could appeal the next gen foodies as a quaint dish with not much to offer. But its every soaring popularity among young foodies has put all the speculations to rest time and again. In fact, there is more of the youth crowd who come in packs to get a taste of the no 1 chole bhature.

Chole bhature started its journey many decades back during the post partition era. Since then it has only seen the rise of demand. For the simplest of reasons, chole bhature is one of the few dishes which is super delicious and yet very cost-effective. As a result, you can have tasty chole bhature guilt free without burning a hole in your pocket.

Some people are also sceptical about the fact that the younger lot of foodies are too much driven to personal fitness and might give chole bhature or any traditional dishes a miss. Again, this too is a myth that has been debunked since every foodie we know believes in conscious eating. Chole bhature can be one of the most savoury dishes and if you keep a track on your calories effectively, it can be a dish which can take care of your daily portion on a few occasions.  For all we know, no food, not even the one that is marketed and sold as healthy food should be consumed in excesses. Hence chole bhature make for a good option for some indulgent food even for the weight watchers. So the next time you are in for some delicious chole bhature, Sitaram Diwan Chand is here to serve you.

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All roads to Old Delhi

Delhi has had such a rich legacy in the foodscape of the country that one cannot deny the fact that some of the best foods have been popularized right here! We at Sitaram Diwan Chand have been synonymous with the hub of the tastiest chole bhature in town. The dish which was popular only in one region has now breached into the unknown territories all thanks to the richness in taste and the emotional drool associated with it. As we are more than happy to serve you our chole bhature, it is time you checked how long you can resist your taste buds before devouring the fluffy chole bhature with rich chole.

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