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They say that good things or success at large arrives after years of hard work, perseverance and with the ability to persist with one’s goal. In other words, there is no substitute to hard work. This robust philosophy goes well with us too. We are now known as the hub of the best chole bhature in Delhi.
But the journey was not exactly a walkover against time back in the day. It was the 50’s, perhaps the gloomy times right after nation’s independence when eating out was a fancy choice limited to a handful few, let alone even thinking about any restaurant. Nevertheless, people would crave some spicy food in Delhi. Nor did the cuisines from other continents could prove its billing. That is when Sitaram Diwanchand ji came up with the idea of selling the good old chole bhature on the streets so people can relish on good taste.

The Dish With a Fusion of Many Tastes

Chole bhature lovers know for a fact that the dish may be ordinary in appearance but it is packed with extraordinary taste. Chole is made in a way that the blend of spicy flavors is evenly complemented with a hint of tanginess. Not all chole dishes can be as good. Perhaps very few would make for the spicy food in Delhi that we know of. Hence, the chole’s preparation process is taken rather seriously at Sitaram Diwanchand.

Hence, we make sure that you get the chole or spiced chickpeas that are loaded with best ground spices that we have handpicked over the years. Once mixed to the boiled chickpeas, we make sure that the chole is fermented to the point that the spices are evenly absorbed in every legume! It is the same old process which has mastered by Sitaram Diwanchand ji with the intent to give the most delectable flavors which is easy on the pocket.

Much as chole is the soul of the platter, the bhature is the accompaniment which makes a beautiful dish of chole bhature. Bhature is the classic golden brown bread which achieves its color after some deep frying. But it is the amazing fluffiness of the bhature which leaves the foodies in awe. Therefore, one can imagine going on a roll of taste soon as they grab a piece of bhature loaded with spiced chickpeas.

Delivering The Demand for Best Chole Bhature in Delhi

There are many of us who are not in favor of venturing out to gorge on some tasty chole bhature. The decision could be justified at this point of the year when the temperature is harshest. Taking this into consideration, Sitaram Diwanchand has sped up the process of delivering chole bhature online.


One click and your orders are registered with us. From then on, all you got to see is your order reaching right at your doorstep without you having to break a sweat. So if you too are in for some spicy food, the best chole bhature in Delhi is your best choice. Apart from this also we offer online delivery option you can easily place your order.

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