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The spark of true blue Punjabi platter decked up with chole bhature, the best food in delhi ncr and the ever perked up mood Delhi. Do we need to explain further? Because that is what you get to witness every time when a plate of chole bhature is served in the national capital region. That is not all. The love for this food has gone on to become unconditional and it has percolated to the entire country. If you are yet to get the taste of chole bhature, reach out at Sitaram Diwanchand which is one of best chole bhature places. For those who have been at our eatery, we would only say “We are waiting for another rendezvous”.

For any relationship to build, it needs the commitment to fulfill and trust to fall back on. Likewise, we have built the bond and rapport with our foodies since the 70’s. Those were the times when none other than Sitaram Diwanchand ji himself used to venture out himself to serve chole bhature on a cycle with nothing but love and irreplaceable taste to offer. As time went by, the chole bhature soared in popularity and there was no looking back.

All that zest with all that jazz!

Chole bhature is an absolute foodie’s delight. It can also be one of those mouthwatering cheat meals to which a weight watcher can resign once in a while. As opposed to plenty of food options to try out, chole bhature stands out because of being relatively healthier than other dishes. For starters, there is no use of all those complex and processed fats, additives and preservatives to enhance taste or to prolong the shelf life. Chole bhature is meant to function in a simple mannner; serve em fresh and serve em hot! No one would like a soggy food which looks mundane in texture and tastes bland to the platter.

With the goodness of freshly boiled chickpeas cooked in the fusion of a variety of spices and other condiments, you get the chole which leaves you asking for more. But wait, there is more. To solidify this love even more, how can one forget the fluffy bhature that swells in shape and literally melts in your mouth. Ideal for any meal of the day, chole bhature is pure delight for the foodie who knows that the love for food has no bounds.

Let that love for food sink in

Now that you know what a plate of chole bhature can do to your unassuming tastes buds, you might as well want to know where you need to head to for the no 1 chole bhature of delhi. That is right! It is at Sitaram Diwanchand where the cravings of chole bhature meets with purity. In all our earnest intentions, we deliver a food that is high on taste, hygiene and low on price. While there are plenty of places which have been serving chole bhature in recent times, it is the warm ambiance of Sitaram Diwanchand’s outlet that makes you feel welcomed all the time. Our staff is more than happy to dish out chole bhature with a smile for you every single day. In the post pandemic world, we have fulfilled the need of a well trained staff who has all the knowhow about food hygiene. As a result, your food at our outlet as well as the food you order in your online meal delivery is made, packed and delivered under a cleanliness superior environment.

With so much warmth in the and the love for food reaching its peak, it would be only symbolic if you fill your tummy and mind with the taste of chole bhature.

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