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When uncontrollable hunger hits your stomach walls hard, you become completely out of sorts. Even when you are out with your family to spend some quality time, it is a ritual to visit a food outlet to have some food of your liking. Every dish and cuisine that you choose has its specialty; there is no way one can be coaxed into having something they do not feel strong about. The same goes well for chole bhature lovers. This quintessentially desi dish has had many food lovers drooling and asking for more.

Chole bhature is not only a food that is appetizing and filling to the core. It is also a part of Indian cuisine’s rich legacy. There is more than one reason to love chole bhature which is arguably the best street food in east delhi. Once you start biting into chole bhature on a hungry stomach, there is no stopping! Bhature or the bread, in its appearance looks more than tempting for the classic golden brown color it develops after frying. Made of all purpose flour, the bhature’s dough gets kneaded unless it develops all the qualities of being fluffy once done.

On the other hand there is chole which can make even the biggest of orthodox foodie an instant fan of its fiery taste and superb portion. Chole or chickpeas is known to be a protein enriched food. But who would not like to have it with the niceties of our country’s spices mixed to them? That is exactly what the chole is all about; boiled and then cooked for hours with spiced gravy mix which fills them with an explosion of flavors to satiate your taste buds. As you see this piping hot chole being served in the platter, get inflated with joy because the freshly fried bhature would also drop in any time soon! It is not just the hardcore foodie but also an average first timer who can go wow with the taste of chole bhature. If there is one dish which is undoubtedly the best street food to have, it has got to be chole bhature. Rest assured, we are not tinkering labs doling out hideous variations of chole bhature just to follow a trend or a pack. For us, chole bhature is all about making a dish which is as Indian in taste and as basic as one can get.

This delicious journey that started way back in the 80’s has seen the tests of time through perseverance. It has also seen the food ecosystem change to the foreign food influence. Sadly, we also saw some of our celebrated dishes succumbing at the hands of disastrous experiments. Yet, we stand tall for the authenticity of taste, the price which we believe is most justified in today’s times and for the sheer love that our foodie community has ushered on us over the years.

This is well and truly the peak of digitization and the demand for being served at the doorsteps instead of queuing up for famous chole bhature of north delhi is now long gone. Hence, to serve you better, we too have dived in to online food delivery so you are not denied of delicious chole bhature when you crave them the most. Chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand can be ordered from the ease of your homes. All you got to do is register yourself at our website, order the number of plates you wish, execute the payment and see your order get delivered at the earliest. If reading this made you crving and salivating now, you for sure know how easy it is to get your hands on a plate of chole bhature.

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