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The sheer love for food and the exploration of the best food in delhi knows no bounds. As such, the foodie in you will not mind digging in some of the finest cuisines in and around the world. In a multicultural country like India which  has pluralist taste platter and affinity to food, the job of searching for the best food in town is an easy-peasy task. And when visiting the national capital, you are absolutely pampered and spoilt for choices with the wide variety of food that are on offer.

In spite of the presence of so many best food in delhi, a plate of super hot chole bhature is what sets the tone for a perfect food of comfort, taste and tummy fill. Chole bhature is easy on the pocket and that is why it makes a strong case for itself as the food for masses. Much as there are plenty of outlets and vendors to have a first brush with this divine food item, it is only at Sitaram Diwanchand where you get served with the quintessential plate of chole bhature; a plate of chole bhature which has its taste lingering in your mind for quite some time.

Delve into the taste of Old Delhi

Of course the rapid urbanization and the liberalization of food habits and items have changed the dynamics of what a online meal delivery would look like. But as they say, some things stay grounded despite the advances.

Likewise, we at Sitaram Diwanchand have held the fort which churns out the most delicious and authentic taste of chole bhature. Every plate of chole bhature we make is made with the same effort, with the right mix of ingredients and is served with dollops of love!

The chole bhature profile

Worry not! Our profiling is most inclusive for your chole bhature. At first, we make sure that the ingredients and raw materials used for chole bhature is of the highest quality; be it the all purpose flour which gives your bhature the softest texture, or the spicy chole that leaves you salivating even before you take a bite. Even the spicy pickle comprised of green chilli, onion, carrot slices and radish is take care of every single day. Now comes the cooking part. Right at the start the boiled chole is immersed into the spice mix which also contain herbs in the right amount to give chole its most desi and authentic taste. Made under simmering heat over few hours, you get a bowl of chole which is spiced to the core in every bean. And with a couple of bhature just around the corner of the plate, you get the no 1 chole bhature of delhi to gorge on. All thanks to our food workers and other staffs involved, we get to do this consistently for hours and hours without break or fails. If you are geared to food, we are geared to delivering the best value for your money which you spend on the most basic necessity in life; a plate of food which is filling, delicious and leaves you brimming with delight!

Staying true to the traditional cooking style and abiding by the changing times when online meal delivery is the need of the hour, we are well and truly equipped to deliver the carefully packed chole bhature across Delhi and NCR with the help of a pack our delivery boys. So if you are absolutely done with eating chole bhature that were all glossy in look but tasteless to the core, it is time you gave a shot to the  chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand which is surely going to elevate your mood.

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