The Favour Of People For Chole Bhature As A Favourite

How often do you see a dish getting an unassailable lead as the best street food in delhi? Not very often, and that is for sure. But chole bhature is definitely the dish that has debunked this claim long back. In fact, Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature is the standing example of a food that has been loved, raved about and even had its fair share of progression over the years. Chole bhature, the food which is an emotion as well as a staple of Delhites has found favour on a pan India basis without a question.

Sitaram Diwanchand ji, four decades back had a tedious job at hand. That of making ends meets with chole bhature which was not grossly popular. What he had though was the grit and determination to give the taste of a dish which eventually became the signature delicacy of the national capital. Such is the craze for chole bhature these days that people can hardly resist the smell of freshly fried bhature which is meant to be eaten by the delightfully rich chole that keeps on simmering to give you the best taste of spices.

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