A Combo Of Surprises

Having a food combo is a very tough find. We can be in a tizzy as to what goes well with a particular type of dish. Moreover, if there a few alternatives then the plot only thickens. However, we cannot say the same about the famous street food in Delhi. For example, we can hardly sideline a glass of chilled lassi when we think of a beverage option for chole bhature. Chole bhature, in its taste and nature is hot! Literally! After the spicy experience which flares up your entire taste, you do deserve a cold breeze. Hence, we have added lassi and kulfi sticks to our menu which can be gotten in your online lunch order.

While the choice to have a cold glass of lassi or kulfi stick is totally subjective, you can surely get the best comfort for your throat anyday. Besides we all know that lassi is hugely favored in the Indian household for the fact that it is nutritious and filled with health properties. And if you slip into a stubborn kid not willing to have lassi, you can hand him/her a kulfi stick which is equally rich in taste and more importantly can keep them happy and not whining.

Sitaram Diwan Chand always believes in sprining surprises and when we decided to uplift our menu with these beverages, the response has been all but excellent. The combos are a hearty treat and hardly costs anything more given we ensure you get high quality with the anticipated quantity. And since we are on it, we would like to underline the fact that safety is of utmost importance for us right now. Thus you need not fret over your online lunch order handled rather recklessly in a flimsy package. We ensure your food is safe, fresh and secure from start to finish. Happy ordering then!

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