A Delicious Dish From Start To Finish

Hunger is hard to negotiate with. It wants nothing but food and the food had better be delicious in every sense. Whether it is the early mornings, the afternoon or late night, the need for good food cannot be stressed enough. Neither can we elaborate on the easy availability especially when the foodie is left to languish and craves and online lunch order. A foodie cannot possibly pass off the chance to have a plate of chole bhature, widely known as the best all time food; a food item which has taken the street food culture by storm many years back.

Chole bhature is a brilliant amalgamation of the Indian food with the flair of spices in the right amount and the seasoning which only adds to the core flavor. Bhature is another high point of the dish on a whole and it literally takes the breath away seeing those fluffy bhature ooze steam to signify that the hot bread is ready to melt in your mouth. No wonder, we see thousands of foodies swarming to the streets to catch a bite of chole bhature. But what about those who order food online and crave a plate of chole bhature?

Sitaram Diwan Chand, the chole bhature makers that are as old as the street food culture itself has made online food delivery an easy and no-fuss affair. Simply, you need to download our app and place your order instantly. The rest is done at our end with the delivery boys setting out to deliver the best chole bhature of the city. More than serving the taste, we also make sure that we garner your affection and trust as the best chole bhature in town. For we try to be in relevance not just in business but also in the memories which your favorite food create!

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