A Food Too Hot To Handle

The infamous Indian summer is in and it has kept the mercury high. As such, you only have handful comfort foods to give a serious thought to. The choices perhaps go even lower when we try to find out the famous street food in Delhi. In spite the limitations in choice of food; the dish that always sets apart is chole bhature. There is hardly person who can say no to the finest North Indian dish which has also made its mark all across India. With the sheer taste blast of chole, let us add the sweet and calming taste of a kulfi stick. The same kulfi sticks which take you back straight back to your childhood days.

When we mention of kulfi sticks, it refreshes our memory of running behind the kulfi selling vendor in scorching heat after finishing school. The taste was heavenly to say the least. We, at Sitaram Diwnachand have given a boost to those nostalgic moments by bringing in the traditional kulfi sticks at our outlet. Kulfis have been the traditional desserts in India for centuries and it has suited the taste given the use of milk.

Kulfi also becomes a relishing taste and we have now upped the factor by providing flavor choices. That’s right. You have your hands full with the tried and tested saffron flavored kulfi and also chocolate, pistachio flavours which have equal following.

Of all the foods available in the category of street foods, it is only chole bhature which has perhaps gained the fame of a wholesome meal for lunch and dinner as well. Much as we know that a fresh and soft bhature is very much in demand by all the foodies, they also tend to crave ice-cream to sign their food eating session off. Hence, we introduced the kulfi sticks for you to walk away with after finishing the food that is bound to taste “oh so good”!

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