A Foodie’s Delight Worth Enjoying Again And Again

How can a foodie be ever bored of eating his famous street food in delhi? Food is what they swear by. The choices are huge and perhaps never ending in this age of innovation and fusion foods. But the orthodox foodie is simply going to ignore them all. For what we know, they cannot come close to the delights like chole bhature. And whenever we think of chole bhature, Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature can never be far from reckoning. The simple reason is our affinity for food and the passion nof foodies which we get in return as appreciation.

Chole bhature is seen as ideal lunch and breakfast option. However, there are people who just cannot get enough of it and go for online lunch order at will! The reason is chole bhature’s engaging taste which puts all your taste buds into play. Starting from the ever soft bhature which rests on the plate to the zesty chole that is the best accompaniment for the bhature, there is nothing which could go wrong if you choose to have chole bhature when hunger is at its peak. Another reason why chole bhature is so famous is its worth in terms of money spent.

At a time when many dishes are getting expensive and food portion not being up to the mark, chole bhature checks all the boxes in terms of portion served. With a couple of bhature and chole on your plate, you are sure to stay stuffed for very long hours. Getting your favourite chole bhature dish is very important. What is more important nowadays is that you get it in the safest manner. With our online lunch order facility, there is maximum safety with minimum room for dip in hygiene or food standards. Right from the packaging of the order to having trained delivery boys to adhere to social distancing norms, this is one food which you would cherish and gorge into again and again.

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