A Grand Food For Grand Events

When you are hosting an event, there are quite a lot of important things to do and making arrangements for food is one of them. Obviously, it has to be the best food in Delhi on offer and also the one that resonates with most of the people in attendance. It goes without saying that a plate of chole bhature would certainly be the right dish to meet all the criteria of a dish which activates all the taste buds. Finding a chole bhature shop which has the high taste parameters and unmatched customer brings people to only one place; the outlet of Sita Ram Diwan Chand.

We have been in the business of tossing out the golden brown bhature for decades now. And each time we do so, there is only one motto i.e. to give you the best taste and your money’s worth. Our chole bhature is made mixing the love for food and the fire to give the best customer experience to every foodie. We have furthered our commitment with the induction of our own app which is available for IOS and Android devices. If your location is too far away to reach our outlet or there is a bulk order needed at moment’s notice, all you need to do is get your online lunch order with ease.

Food connection is always strong for the foodie and the bond gets even stronger in our country’s context. Delhi is the hub of finest foods from across the country and it is just as good a city which opens its arms for foreign delicacies. But the purist or a sheer traditionalist will never settle for anything other than a swollen bhature which comes with a bowl of simmering chole. With the winter season on, the urge gets stronger and the power to resist almost vanishes by the very mention of chole bhature!

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