A new and fresh take on taste

We all need something new for our daily lives and food is no exception. In fact, it is food which is open to most innovations. The more diverse the platter the more you get the reason to for an online lunch order. Also, in our country there is hardly anyone shying away from trying out dishes across cuisines. However, in times of absolute hunger, there are only a few dishes which ring a bell. One such dish is chole bhature in the Indian cuisine which saves you time in choosing and gives you a lot of food to keep the stomach stuffed.

Chole bhature is not something which is made to look impressive alone. It is more like a food made with affection and with a lot of heart. The taste is meant to spark off your taste buds almost instantly. A plate of chole bhature is made by combining the classic staple of bread and chickpeas. What adds to the twist is that the bhature we produce at Sitaram Diwan Chand are not deep fried. Rather they are made in the tawa or skillet. Therefore, you get bhature fried in reasonable amount of oil thereby letting you to eat your heart out whilst caring little about your diet.

For many Delhites over the years, Sitaram Diwan Chand’ chole bhature is the most relatable name for best street food in Delhi because of the legacy that dates back to many decades. The cart laden chole bhature had set a precedent which is still being touted as the most successful business model. With the progression of time, we have also been in sync with the demands of younger generation who want a combo meal consisting of refreshing beverages as well. Thus, it is all but clear that you get what you wish for; a food mania with lots of inclusivity.

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