A Plate Of Chole Bhature To Compliment A Hint Of Winter Season

As we enter to the first phase of the cooler months of the year, the vibes are more than pronounced; pleasant weather, a forgiving sun, and increased hunger. They all call for the best food in Delhi hands down, right? There is no point in debating that chole bhature is the best veg food option to make your winter even more enjoyable. Whether you are all alone or have a family, or even a special company to hang out with in winters, Sita Ram Diwan Chand.

Winter season is calm and quiet; the heat tends to turn its head away. Hence, we, the food loving pack will find it most pleasant to have chole bhature to counter cold waves. The very fact that chole bhature is meant to be served hot makes this dish an automatic choice for winters. Add to that many people who are usually averse to spicy food do not mind digging in its taste once they get their online lunch order delivered. And if there is an adventurous lot willing to give an unusual twist in the taste, our chilling lassi and kulfi can also be added to the cart!

As we are all aware Delhi has a romantic affair with the winter season despite some struggles created due to the foggy weather. After a long bout of extremely vehement summer, the chill in the air serves a perfect ambience to try out chole bhature almost any time of the day. Such fervor and taste brings many foodies closer to our outlet in the by-lanes of old Delhi which has always been lively due to the street food corners.  So the next time you find us as the best food outlet to have chole bhature, do make it a point to walk in and enjoy the best chole bhature eating experience.

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