A Simple Dish To Leave You Speechless

Yes you heard it right! Sometimes the simplest things in our lives have the most impactful role to play. And food too is one of those important pillars in life which is literally the mood changer anyday. When we think of tasty food, a lot of things come in mind. But what is that one dish that can be uplifiting to your mood and you would never say no to? If you are from the national capital and around the corner, the answer would be chole bhature in unision by the lovers of famous street food delhi.

And we cannot disagree; definitely not as the oldest to serve chole bhature in Delhi. Some may find it hard to believe but we have seen scores of people getting speechless with just a few bites of bhature wrapped with spicy chole. Sitram Diwan Chand, in fact has been one of the greatest names in the street food fraternity of Delhi which has also elevated itself over the decades. At our humble best, our rise has been nothing short of meteoric. From the time when the late Sitaram Diwan Chand ji embarked on a journey on his cycle to the present times when we have an upscale restaurant with the luxury of online lunch order, we have been striving hard to stay content and more accessible than ever.

Of course there is lot to mention about how we churn out chole bhature. Many people also believe that we have some secret ingredient of sorts to up the ante for our chole. But here is the thing. It is the sheer ingredient of experience coupled with the passion to meet the satisfactory levels of foodies which fuel our kitchen every morning. Whether you step out to eat or you prefer to be served at home, we make chole bhature that leaves you speechless. Period!

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