A Taste Journey Of Many Flavors And Generations

For every dish, the biggest accomplishment is that of making its case stronger as the best street food in Delhi in terms of taste, hygiene, and popularity. While there is no denying that every type of food has its own uniqueness to be the best, the Indian foodie’s landscape is rather complex and varied to pinpoint only recipe the best. As such, we have to take a deeper look at what amazes the Delhi foodies. Contrary to the popular notion that the non-Indian dishes rule the roost, it is actually the authentic desi food that the foodies have set their heart and money on. One such desi food is chole bhature which needs no introduction by now!

Chole bhature is no fancy dish but a dish that checks all the boxes for a foodie hungry for something delicious. It has the goodness of bread and the lip smacking chole or chickpeas which is prepared with the best spices for condiments. Each single ground spice is handpicked and crushed together to make the very backbone of taste in chole. All of the same gets a different high in taste once we finally add pickles of fresh veggies.

This is what the journey of a chole bhature has been; the one which was equally given impetus to by Sitaram Diwan Chand. In our journey of selling chole bhature for over four decades, we have seen a slight shift in taste and demand for a better taste each time whislt keeping the core taste intact. A lot of thought has to be given to the demand of bhature which is not deep fried. We at Sitaram Diwan Chand made sure that such inputs are worked upon so the food lovers get only the best chole bhature in their online lunch order.  For making your lunch eating fun, we have also added lassi and kulfi sticks for more of a refreshing experience in evey bite! So just back and enjoy the taste of chole bhature do the wonders!

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