A Taste To Better Your Mood For A Stress Free Mind

Food is not for feeding your hunger. Sometimes it also helps you to de-stress. So much so that you can literally push aside all your worries and troubles that otherwise keep hounding you. The only thing you ought to have is the availability of the famous street food Delhi. After seeing much of the testing times, it is finally the moment of every foodie to have a taste of their favourite chole bhature from Sitaram Diwan Chand. Much as you were craving it, we too were keen on delivering you the food of joy.

Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature is no stranger to a hardcore foodie who has acquired a taste for delicacies.  The sheer taste of cottage cheese stuffed bhature fried until golden brown is a piece of art to say the least. Add to that the luscious looking spicy chole which can make anyone salivate and wanting for more. The duo can further get a boost in this summer season with polar cool lassi or a kulfi stick that cool off your senses in large proportions. As they say, every good meal must end on a sweet note.

After much waiting and frustrating hours, there are some signs of relief with ease of restrictions. Nevertheless, we won’t make you walk extra mile. Rather our delivery boys will be up for the task of providing you the order of your chole bhature at your doorstep. The only change would be that of a contactless delivery which is obvious in the current situation for better safety and sanity. Hence, you are no more left in the lurch for getting your plate of chole bhature as per your need. So now it is time you picked up your phone and get your order placed on our official app for more convenience and less waiting time!

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