A Tasty Treat From Delhi’s Old Street

For many of us the impression of Old Delhi is that of a place which is archaic in every sense; be it the buildings that have outlived their edge, the ever growing population living in cluttered housing spaces, the narrow roads with mindless honking vehicles and the precariously suspended high tension electric wires. Amidst the chaos, there is a sense of calm once you reach Sitaram Diwanchand, the destination of chole bhature, the ultimate Old Delhi food. After all, such is the effect of food in our minds that we can let go of the tough times that are otherwise a bother.

A plate of chole bhature may look ordinary but the extraordinary taste due to the right blend of spices in the chole’s bhature along with the soft bhature makes the eating experience unparalleled. There is no going around the style of presentation for the dish here; the real pleasure lies in the unraveling the layers of taste from what looks like a straightforward dish. It is the intricacy of chole preparation which blows the minds away in every bite.

The legacy of Old Delhi is known to everyone of us and the passion for food amongst the Delhites is unmatchable as well. Therefore, the very mention of chole bhature leads to a lot of lip smacking. What’s more? This tasty and the best street food is not outrageously priced. As a result, it can easily feed a person with average appetite and keep them full for good amount of time. Hence you get the absolute worth of your money. But what remains as a joy forever is the token of love and appreciation over the years which our happy customers leave for us once they get their token to fetch a plate of chole bhature!

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