An Uninvited Guest? Here’s What You Need To Do.

There is always a high probability that you are pretty much famous and well talked about in your social circles. This automatically gives you the trouble of hosting your friends and other social members quite frequently. But what if they come uninvited? Sounds like a stray bullet coming to knock you down from nowhere, right? It is precisely the reason why we have the option of online lunch order. A plate of chole bhature which would also be served at your address! That’s right; you win praises for the chole bhature which you did not prepare in the first place.

Chole bhature is true blue North Indian dish mean to be eaten in almost all part of the day. The sheer versatility is what makes it the best food in Delhi to order. And if you have a guest with some solid diet counts, the chole bhature plate can certainly keep them full for quite a lot of time. Finally, you do not even have to think of the taste of the hygiene so long as you are ordering from Sita Ram Diwan Chand. For we only strive to deliver the best to you any day!

The journey of Sita Ram Diwan Chand begun with a food cart or “reri” as it is popularly called. Now, it has moved on to having a permanent shop of its own and has been serving more people than ever. Such affinity to the food and respect given to our creations by the foodies makes our journey worthwhile. Speaking of journey, there is absolutely no reason to beat the traffic and negotiate with chaos to reach the outlet. By the virtue of online order, we reach you just at the right time to spare you from listening to the platitudes of the guests who are waiting for you to get up and serve them something to eat!

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