Be The Part Of The Chole Bhature Fest

All right you self proclaimed foodies, the time has come to put your passion for devouring and relishing on the best street food in Delhi to some grinding. And if you are a lover of chole bhature then you are in for a tasty treat. For Sitaram Diwanchand is going to be the part of the program HORN OK PLEASE. That’s right. One of Delhi’s most respected and popular food events will see the renowned Sitaram Diwanchand’s counter participating in the food fest. This is anything but a great opportunity to all the foodies to have the taste from the best and oldest chole bhature makers of Delhi.

Sitaram Diwanchand is a regular participant in the HORN OK PLEASE event over the years and we are sure of being a crowd favorite yet again this year. As part of this wonderful yearly event, we aim to be the preferred choice of chole bhature among the younger generations over the next few years. The legacy of chole bhature continues to be on the high and with the inclusion of online lunch order, it just keeps getting bigger and better for the hungry foodies.

For those who are yet to get a slice of the famous chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand, this event is nothing less than an avenue to explore this Old Delhi delicacy. The love for chole bhature is insurmountable and knows no bounds in the national capital. As such, Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature is always served with perfection. Be it the hot bowl of chole seasoned with the finest ground spices or the fluffy bhature which literally melts in your mouth; the taste is anything but immaculate. Food is a celebration of taste and once you add the spice of authenticity to the same, it turns out to be nothing but a jamboree for the taste buds which get activated almost instantly.

So here you are folks; mark your date with the best street food in Delhi in the season of love!

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