Boring Lockdown Blues? Have A Plate Of Chole Bhature

It is obvious to be in mental disarray after whatever has been happening over the last few months. There was the pandemic, the necessary lockdown followed, and a rather new way of living which threw you off the track. Such was the impact that you had been long deprived of eating the famous Delhi street food. We take it that you have had a stressful time as a foodie. So we are back in action and how! Your favourite chana bhature is up and steaming hot waiting to be devored. And guess what? It is safer and healthier than ever!

Chana  bhature, as we all know is not for those who are too pesky about food. It is made for the sheer indulgence of taste buds. So you are in for a delight when you have the cottage cheese stuffed bhature to go with some zesty chana masala gravy packed with pickles. Chana bhature is one heck of an appetizing dish that can fit in any time of the day as a food option which keeps you stuffed. And if you have been aching for too long, you won’t be found guilty if add an extra plate in your online lunch order.

Chana bhature is an extremely heart and stomach filling dish. Add to that the dash of cold lassi in the weather which is sporadic to say the least. With a glass of lassi, you can literally feel the cooling property in your throat making its way to the stomach! Sitaram Diwanchand has always been about bringing the best taste on the table. We are traditional in taste and yet very aware of the contemporary needs. Hence, we have put in a lot of weight behind online lunch delivery to make sure that the cycle of foodies and tasty food keeps on moving forward however the crisis be!

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