Braving The Heat To Satisfy Your Craving

In the unforgiving weather which wears people out with extreme heat and humidity, few people have the spine to step out. But does that stop the clock of life for the people who are extensively working as a delivery boys at our restaurant or any other business for that matter? If you are singleton or someone staying in Delhi far from home, there is every bit of likelihood that you survive on online lunch order. All you have to do is put up your order online and wait till the delivery boy turns up to your doorstep.

Easy as it sounds, there is a lot of grinding a delivery boy takes at Sitaram Diwanchand just so you can feast on chole bhature, the famous street food in delhi for many decades now. It all begins from their day ever since the first ray of the light is seen. Once they report at work, they are immediately laden with the orders that are in the queue. No matter which part of the city it is and how frustrating the traffic snarls are, they are always up for the challenge. Oh and did we mention that the vehement summer heat draining them out is also something they mostly negotiate with? It is as though the first half of the toiling was not enough; there are more orders which look for a delivery boy given it is in the evening that most people like to gather among themselves to grab a quick dinner together.

All this is expected at the very trust of the delivery boy who is supposed to be there on time despite all the adversities. A lot is on their shoulders; the punctuality, the repute of our legendary chole bhature and definitely the backpack which they carry! Therefore, we admire and absolutely adore our delivery boys as much you do to our famed chole bhature. Nevertheless, if you ever walk by the streets of Old Delhi and are in the mood to eat steaming bhatures coupled with chole, do walk in to Sitaram Diwanchand.

There is no beating around the bush when it comes to the flavors of Indian dishes. The same goes well for our chole bhature prepared out of sheer love and combination of best ingredients to give you exactly what you have been looking for; a blockbuster dish that you can eat to your heart’s content!

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