Bring In The Festive Fervour On Your Platter

With the mega festive season kicking off already, the frenzy is at an all-time high albeit the mass gathering and venturing out in pack is against the advisory. But why let that dampen your mood? A celebration of any kind needs the zeal, positive vibes and some food as accompaniment. A food is the most conspicuous element in any festival. Besides the usual snacks that are made at home, there is literally some room for famous street food in delhi. Of all the dishes, it is perhaps chole bhature which fits the best in for an online lunch order.

There have been plenty of foods which have been on offer and yet chole bhature beats them all for the sheer fact that the dish packs a punch of taste and wholesome meal. Chole bhature lovers just need one opportunity and even a stroke of luck to have this delicacy. At Sitaram Diwan Chand, we are game chole bhature and keep ourselves stacked for the festive season with complete attention to each and order placed. Since there will be a rush especially for your online order, you are better off not cause a delay.

Sitaram Diwanchand is as much an emotion for the people in Delhi as the chole bhature itself. With over four decades in business, we have seen the deluge as well the zeal to grab chole bhature at the earliest. Now that things have changed slightly as far the status quo is concerned. Nevertheless, do not let that dampen the mood as our festivals are the only thing which is acting as a bright spot right now. As told before, there is deep connection between food and festival. So let us amalgamate them both to have the most incredible experience.

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