Celebrate Coming Back To Business With A Party Of Chole Bhature

Yes, we are back to business. Almost everyone of us are now returning to our workplace as the lockdown keeps on getting eased. This means we have to make peace with what is called “new normal”. Much as it sounds mundane, there is no reason to drop your shoulders because there is always some comfort in the form of famous street food in delhi. Why stay away from the happiness of gorging on chole bhature from Sitaram Diwan Chand? After all, we know your pulses get kicking by the sight of a golden brown bhature and chole made of the finest spices complimented with delicious gravy.

All of us know for a fact that working in office can be taxing and one needs to get a hike once in a while. So how about going for an online lunch order and spend some good time with colleagues instead of staying isolated in your cubicle? Besides after all the months staying away from all the office action, a lunch break chat would also be a mood lifter along with the spice added with our food! By and large, it is a win-win for all.

With all our delivery boys at the task of getting your orders delivered on time, you do not have to fret over not getting your order on time. Whether it is a late night shift or the crazy rush hours of the noon, we are there for you to satiate your love for chole bhature. And we cannot stress enough as to how good a deal it is to have chole bhature as your all-time food. The wonderful taste with ample food stuff which has varieties of spice and everything nice, you are in for a delight. So don’t just stare at the clock and wonder what to have for lunch. Turn the bland into something delectable!

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