Chole Bhature: A Dish That Unites The Nation

When it comes to having a beverage that binds the nation, a cup of tea will always emerge victorious with a thumping majority. But if we pose the same question for the dish which is a clear favorite as well as capable of being called the famous Delhi food, it is chole bhature which will take the spot. Debatable as it may for some, there is quite a lot going in favor of chole bhature which is set to become the best all-time food in India.

Sample this; most of the food items which are made of rice cannot be consumed as an early morning breakfast. The other alternatives of food which fall into the category of street food may have a taste of its own but the portion of servings may not be sufficient for the foodie!

This is perhaps the biggest positive of a nicely cooked chole bhature which can be served hot at any given time of the day. Kids love them, the adults find it a less fuss meal and the lovers of food can never be taken off a plate of chole bhature. For years Sitaram Diwanchand has been the frontrunner of dishing out the best chole bhature platter in Delhi.

But the taste of chole bhature has now superseded most of the other available street foods in India. What has equally been a surprise development that chole bhature has now reached in every city fold of almost all the states in India. A signature dish of the northern part of India, it is only foreshadow to the fact that chole bhature was brought up as a feasible food by Sitaram Diwanchand ji way back in the 70’s. Over the years, the country has seen many turmoil and meteoric rise in all aspects. What has stayed as the undisputed winner is a plate of chole bhature which has been loved by generations.

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