Chole Bhature; A Kid’s Favorite Too

Kids are most choosy about the food they eat when they go out with parents, let alone the tantrums they chuck almost every now and again! Therefore, the parents have a hard time choosing food which is up to the liking of their loved ones. However, there is still a go-to food item even the kids find hard saying “no” to. Such is the popularity and the craze of chole bhature that the kids too do not mind eating to the full. A plate of chole bhature is not only delicious but very fulfilling as well.

For kids, the first thing that gets the attention is the appearance of the food. Chole bhature scores way higher in this department courtesy the swollen bhature in golden brown color and the spicy chole which gets its eye catching texture and smoky flavor. Despite being a food made of spices, it cannot be termed as hot food which leaves you sweating due to the heat! Rather we prepare our chole in a balanced manner keeping in mind that the youngest of the foodie is not left behind in tasting the best street food in Delhi.

Chole bhature and Delhi are like two inseparable elements which complete the very food ecosystem of the national capital. There is no dearth of chole bhature but what keeps people hooked to the taste is the chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand. Over the years, we have obliged to the food and taste needs of people from all ages and this has been reflected in our style of cooking. As opposed to the deep fried bhature, we have the tawa bhature which are less oil consuming thereby promoting healthy eating among children; a concern most relevant and often discussed by the parents.

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