Chole Bhature; A Savory Bite That Always Gets It Right

How do you seriously define a pleasurable food? Something which is tasty right from the word go? Or is it a dish which is easy on the pocket? Maybe, to you, the best food in delhi needs to be the one which can be an all-time snack, right? In either of the cases, a hot plate of chole bhature can check the box. It is not a highly decorated or garnished dish that craves attention. Rather it is a highly celebrated dish which has a huge fanfare for many decades. Typically, a Punjabi dish by nature, chole bhature has had a sweeping taste across India.

From restaurants to small food carts, they are all over the country making every average to even the most refined foodie have this delicacy. Chole bhature is not just about the flattened bread which is deep fried and served with chole or chickpeas. It is an amalgamation of taste that leaves a lasting taste for quite a lot of time. As opposed to other dishes that require too much intricacies and quite a lot of expensive and unheard items right from the time they are prepared, chole bhature is much grounded in terms of the ingredients which are easily available in the market. This has led to the success swelling to the point that it has been treated as a profitable business venture in the recent times.

Despite so many outlets in the fray, Sitaram Diwanchand located in Paharganj believes that the secret to having a successful dish is always serving the customer right. And that they get what they want at the right time. Located arguably in the most known spot in Delhi, our chole bhature can be tasted by one and all including those who have come from several parts of the country. We have always earmarked the importance of innovation with changing times. We have well and truly observed that most of the times the eaters of sumptuous eaters crave a sugary and refreshing delight. The same reason why we have recently introduces chilled lassi and kulfis in awesome flavor options.

Lastly, there is a multifold increase on the number of people who are to catch up with their lunch or even a late night. Since they need something unadulterated and hygienic, they avoid food from an average eatery. With the help of our app, they can easily go for online lunch order to satisfy their hunger cravings.

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