Chole Bhature For Generations And Beyond

Legacy is a heavy onus to shoulder. And in the world of food and cuisine, it is a result of perseverance and consistency of years. Make no mistake, if the output in terms of taste is not consistent, there is no way one can keep the changing generations hooked to it. We at Sitaram Diwan Chand have been at the helm of tasty chole bhature since the 80’s. While the generations have changed, we do see that even the latest pack of foodies are more inclined to traditional famous street food of delhi.

There is no disagreement that chole bhature has been around for many years and that it is now omnipresent. Yet when it comes to having the most quality and delicious chole bhature, people still bestow their trust on Sitaram Diwan Chand. Right from the eighties, we saw a spurt of people gettting a taste of our chole bhature and developing fondness for the same ever since! From what we know, the taste is very homely and the comprehensive platter has all the elements of a go-to snack that can also qualify as a lunch and dinner option. From the days when people used to throng the food cart to the present days of online lunch order, the sheer passion on both sides have remained the same.

Our journey was started by Sitaram Diwan Chand ji and it kept on being forwarded across generations. So was the taste which keeps lingering in the minds and taste buds of hungry foodies. Though the reins change hand, the sincerity to elevate whilst keeping the demand of the people has stayed the same. It is because food is nothing less than of a religion and people do follow the same rather seriously. So here is a toast to all the foodies!

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