Chole Bhature- The Delicacy We Serve From Dawn Till Dusk

Your day may or may not start your day with an agenda. But we at Sitaram Diwanchand surely do! It is of making your day delightful with the perfect breakfast; or even a lunch if you can. We all like a fresh start to be complimented well with some good food, right? And while you skipped lunch or even want a taste of the famous Delhi food, we make sure you eat your heart out because we know that your performance at work is largely proportional to what resides in your tummy!

For us, it all starts with the first light of the day when the majority of the street still wears a desolated look. Our workers report at work and quickly swing into an action for a fest of taste that goes on for the next few hours. One group takes over the task of chopping and slicing pickles which act as the tangy accompaniment for chole bhature. On the other side of the kitchen, there is a fierce group of chole makers stirring your masala chole whose aroma sets the tone for what is about to transpire as a lip smacking dish. Next comes the makers of bhature rolling and tossing the smooth dough made of all purpose flour before dropping them on hot oil to see the most satisfying sight; the swelling of bhature which turns into a beautiful golden brown. Soon they are scooped out of the pan whilst oozing out steam. This makes the troika of a wonderful street food in Delhi complete. The food that you cannot wait to try out, the food that leaves you absolutely awestruck by its taste. Thus we start doling out one after another plate of chole bhature to all the patiently (sometimes impatiently!) waiting patrons in the queue. Not to mention a bevy of orders that is simultaneously prepared and stacked up for online lunch order as our delivery boys wait to pick them up and rush to the destination which flashes on their smartphones’ map. And this way, the flow chart of Sitaram Diwanchand goes on every single day.

For an average Joe, it could sound like a monotonous work which is never ending. But for us, it is a wonderful journey of taste, dedication, commitment and joy of getting enormous amount of love and recognition which keeps us charged round the clock. When we start our day, we do not exactly look to capitalize on our popularity. Rather we look to strike a chord among our visitors so they keep coming to have a plate of chole bhature which defines Delhi.

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