Chole Bhature: The Delightful Delhi Food

Right at the outset we would like to clarify that declaring chole bhature as the delightful Delhi food must not be construed as a statement which is regionalizing food and the foodies. As one of the oldest and the popular outlet for the best Delhi food we know that a plate of chole bhature is an emotion to most of the Delhites. It is a dish which most of the people like to start their Sundays with. Therefore, it holds a special place in the heart of many foodies who tend to look for an excuse to gorge on chole bhature.

Prepping chole bhature is not necessarily an act of brainstorming but it is an art which very few have mastered in the by-lanes of the national capital. Chole bhature needs the right balance of all the ingredients. For making soft bhature, the amount of water is as important as the amount of on which the bhature is fried to achieve the conspicuous golden brown color. Same goes for chole which should be boiled craftily at the right temperature so it does not get disintegrated from its whole form.

Delhi has essentially been a foodie’s paradise for long and it has also been able to gather the fancy of many foodies from not just the country but from far way countries. Chole bhature is a dish of finesse and Sita Ram Diwan Chand has always tried to fine tune the craft as per the changing taste. There has been a massive rise in the number of food loving people who have developed varied tastes in many cuisines available in the national capital. But such has been the appeal of the chole bhature that it has proved itself as the “coming back to the roots” platter served with authentic desi touch.

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