Chole Bhature, The King Of Meals

There is little to no doubt that we Indians love to indulge in food. And that too the grand way! Regardless of the occasion, we never let the opportunity to have famous street food in Delhi slip out of our hands. So when we are at it, how can the very mention of chole bhature get missed? Chole bhature is the heart and soul of any online lunch order and the sheer delight to have them cannot be described in mere words. The bliss of having your first bite of bhature dipped in chole curry post lockdown is a romance in its own right.

So why do we call chole bhature the king of meals? It is rather simple. Chole bhature is the instant go-to meal for most of us and it is the most delicious wholesome diet out there. Moreover, you get the worth in every bite you have. Chole bhature and Sitaram Diwan Chand is an affair you are least likely to not have been part of. Since the 70’s we have been doling out chole bhature of the best quality. Over the years, we have moved with our journey to become the pioneers of the chole bhature in Delhi.

Though it is rather unfortunate that the extraordinary situation right from the start of the year 2020 has brought a lot of setbacks, we never bogged down in our efforts to not deprive you of the taste of chole bhature which rules the roster of every Delhite.

Now that the situation has somewhat eased, we are back again with greater zeal to serve you the chole bhature that has defined the taste landscape of Delhi over decades. And the best part is that the king of meals i.e. chole bhature comes at a price of a pauper! So grab your order the contactless way.

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