Chole Bhature’s Splendid Return Continues

We have to get this straight. We missed serving you chana bhature much as you missed eating them. However the situation was and perhaps still is, the love for famous street food in Delhi is undying. And by street food, there is uninamity that chole bhature is never going to lose its dominance. Probably, it was Sitaram Diwan Chand that first set the tone of seering hot chole bhature in the national capital. It was the 80’s when the world was still a bit laiback. Nevertheless, there were also people looking for some food which gives them the same taste as the one which they get at home.

Sita Ram Diwan Chand literally cracked the code of dishing out the best and homely chole bhature. Thus started a journey of taste, trust and amazing heights of success which has only humbled us in our efforts. In between the struggle and the breakthrough received, we also felt like it was time we changed with the dynamic decade of the 90’s and the by the time 2000’s knocked the doors, we had a complete overhaul in our set up. So now we have the most demanded online lunch order facility at our disposal.

Talking specficially of this calendar year, it has been challenging for one and all to say the least. The stalemate due to the pandemic situation caught everyone off guard. Moreover, it deprived many of the foodies of their favorite chole bhature which can also be completed with a glass of lassi or one of the flavors of kulfi sticks. But now it is time to give these thoughts a rest as we are slowly picking our pace. Ever since the restrictions have been imposed, there has been a flurry of orders which we did expect. So once again, let us celebrate life and taste whilst maintaining safety protocols which are still in place!

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