Cricket World Cup Fever Is On. Are You In?

The biggest spectacle on earth, the showpiece sporting event that has billions of fans glued to their television sets; this year’s Cricket World Cup is anything but a jamboree which has the most passionate fans praying for their team to achieve the ultimate glory. India, the hotbed of Cricket, is a nation that knows no bounds when it comes to revering their cricketing idols. Perhaps the only other thing they are absolutely crazy about is famous Delhi food. With a tournament as big as the World Cup, a dish of favorite food is the perfect mix you can imagine.

Let’s see, the English enjoy fish and chips, the Americans love their pancakes, and the Caribbean can’t go wrong with their rice and beans. So what about India? Yes, you are darn right. A plate of chole bhature. There is no way you can see a cricket buff without a plate of the ultimate Punjabi food that speaks volumes about the love and passion that we Indians have for the game. Just like the game of cricket played in 22 yards, chole bhature too is a thrilling game of tastes. Be it the spices which are fiery as a fast bowler bowling beamer, the gravy which is as smooth as a straight drive coming off the blade of the batsman or even the add-ons like pickles whose tangy taste is as surprising as a spinner bowling a jaffa! With such delightfully tasty accompaniments, you get nothing but a winning combination of taste that takes the coveted cup of famous street food in Delhi in no time.

Street food, cricket and the age-old expertise of Sitaram is a trio that is set to rule the World Cup fixture this year. So whenever you feel like the tension is running down the spine in a close encounter or you wish to celebrate big after a crucial wins registered by your team, pick up your phone and order our chole bhature to complete the celebrations!

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