Delhi And Chole Bhature: The Never Ending Romance

Romanticizing the love for food does not raise an eyebrow if you happen to be a connoisseur of tastes. Food is not just a solid substance which gives us the required amount of nutrition. The same way as a perfume enchants your nerves, the food we eat sets all the taste buds on a high. A vast country like India is a basket of cuisines with each region and state boasting its own unique dish. But Delhi, the national capital is the true leader in terms of popularity that has scaled over the entire country.

Very few of the people from Delhi can be found complaining about chole bhature as a meal. Rather they are pleased with the fact that this savory dish has now made its place as the famous delhi food by a mile. We do see a polarization in opinion but it is mostly centered on the spiciness of the chole and not the dish at large.

Bhatura’s taste goes to a different level altogether the moment it is dipped in the spicy chole gravy. There are other variants of bhature such as poori or parathas but the magic of bhature with chole is unmatched. With such taste and so many foodies at stake, Sitaram Diwanchand over the years has always put their best foot forward to deliver in taste and affordability. We have been on the path of delivering the best chole bhature in Delhi since the 70’s and the journey has only been highlighted by the commitment we put in and the loyalty that our patrons have always shown for us.

One cannot discredit the fact that Delhi is the heartland of the Mughlai cuisines but deep down in the underbellies and even the urbane localities lies a huge chunk of population which wants to enjoy the riches of the classy chole bhature dish which is reasonably heavy but not a appetite usurper!

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