Eat Large, Tread Safe

Hunger is a tough nut to crack. Because, it can pop up so suddenly that you are in a state of disarray. And god be kind with you if you are a fan of our chole bhature and too far apart to cover the distance amidst the chaos of snail-paced Old Delhi traffic! It can only get longer. Therefore, you are better off going for an online lunch order. That is right. We are up there with the best to give what you crave. The best part is that you can do it all at the comfort of your home.

Chole bhature is the king of all the foods in India which qualify as the food for all courses. So appetizing and so satiating is the taste that the people tend to get inclined to this wonder of a dish more often than not. We, at Sita Ram Diwan Chand try to do full justice to the dish which has so much of legacy involved in every platter. Hence, we always do things from the scratch with a dose of perfection; right from the time of kneading the dough, boiling the chickpeas at the ideal temperature to even the tart in the right levels.

Once the entire process is finished, we start to pack the pleasantries in the box which is to be delivered to your doorstep. Obviously, there is a lot of work involved but we do not fizzle one bit. We know that cooking lunch is a tough ask in the fast paced world where you even have to buy time, let alone having your food. So you are always welcome to post your request for online lunch order and we do the rest. And if you are still at ease with visiting our outlet, here’s a piece of advice. Please do not end up getting a challan slapped for your vehicle for a hefty fine. We certainly do not want you to blow up your money more than multiple times of the price of our chole bhature platter. Obey the road and traffic rules just like you obey your hunger’s commands!

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