Enjoy A Plate of Chole Bhature As The Final Four Gets Closer to Glory

The cricket fever is all but on. With the action now reaching to the knock out stages, the World Cup is getting too close for comfort. One false move by any of the semi-finalists, the dreams will be dusted and wait for their ardent fans will be prolonged for another four years. With such nail biting excitement in store, we are likely to be on the edge of our seats. And this makes the most opportune scenario to dig in the best food in Delhi.

Chole bhature is surely the food we enjoy round the year but the high spirits and enormous amount of passion can make the dish a perfect accompaniment in this year’s World Cup. A heart racing event definitely needs a food that can bring the tensions and temper down. As such, you are in for a tasty delight with the chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand, a restaurant serving the staple chole bhature right before the time India won the laurels back in 1983; a restaurant which has witnessed the heroics of Kapil Dev against the mighty Windies and also the photo finish sixer of Dhoni in 2011 which sent the entire nation on frenzy.

The passion for Cricket in India can be equaled only by the famous Delhi food of chole bhature. This is perhaps the only dish which can give all the highs of a riveting encounter among the world’s best team which are in the fray to lift the World Cup. As the four best teams lock their horns to fight out for reaching the final two spots, be sure to have a plate of chole bhature right by your side by using the online lunch order so you can catch up all the action without missing a minute.

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