Enjoy Lunch Time To The Full

Everyone is walking on the thin ice in their professional lives and there is simply no respite of it whatsoever. Perhaps the only saving grace or what can best be called a relief is a lunch break. That is the time when one can get out of their cubicle confinements and catch a breath, share a laugh and enjoy their food. Sadly, there are also people who have to battle in this time period too as they do not have their lunch with them. As a result, they have to go out, fetch food and see the clock ticking away time. The lunch gets eaten in a hurried manner and the idea of enjoying the food goes out of the window.

This is the precise reason as to why Sitaram Diwan Chand started the idea of online lunch order keeping in mind the working professional looking for a quick lunch. Once you place the order online, you win more than half the race against time during the brief lunch break at work. Just sit back and see the order arrive at your table right on time. No more excusing of yourself from the daily discussions and gossips. What’s more? With a plate of chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand, there is more likelihood of your colleagues taking a bite from your plate rather than biting your back in your absence!

When Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature started its journey on the food cart, it was a go-to lunch option for many famished people looking for quality meal at a reasonable price. Although we have evolved with time to make the customer reach even stronger, we still strive to stir the taste of delicious chole bhature in every foodie’s heart. No matter how far the journey goes, the chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand would lookout to etch its name as the famous street food in delhi which also made its presence felt as a versatile dish which could qualify as online lunch order.

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