Fill Your Stomach With The Happiness Of Eating Chole Bhature

If only they knew what it is like to get hands on chole bhature when you want it most. Better still, they would not have stayed denied of the taste of the most conspicuous and famous street food of delhi. Chole bhature especially that of Sitaram Diwan Chand governs a different level of authority, and why not? After all, it is and it never was all about minting bucks. Rather, it went about its things with the tenacity of Sitaram Diwan Chand ji to win hearts delivering nothing but the basic and yet the most loaded food.

The reason we say chole bhature is loaded is because there is no dearth of taste nuances once you have a spoon of chole made of choicest spices. Then you have the bhatures which are fried to perfection without an overdose of oil which leaves many sweating with health concerns. The delightful taste is given a spunk everytime you want a bite or two of the freshly made pickles that is served along with the dish. For long, there had been a void when it came for a refreshment that can be deemed most perfect after the fiery chole bhature one eats. Though there are options galore when it comes to soda drinks, we tried to keep it most desi in taste, flavour and obviously feel. Hence the addition of a glass of lassi which has been liked by one and all since time immemorial because of the nutritional value it adds during the summers.

Having an online lunch order is more than a necessity as more people are swinging back to action. And we are up for it! Sitaram Diwan Chand has the most organized network of online delivery thanks to in-house developed app which can access foodies from all parts of the national capital. All you got to do is simply place your order and receive it in the most safest manner to enjoy a food which has been the go-to for many decades! Tasty food is here, where are you?

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