From Tracking Time To Tracking Orders

Some journeys are long and testing. They are not your usual bed of roses story. And if the premise goes back to the early 70’s or even the 80’s, the going gets tougher. Then again, it was Sitaram Diwan Chand and his tenacity which led to the rise of chole bhature initially as an every common man’s dish to a tasty delight which has become a go-to for all and sundry. A plate of chole bhature brings smile due to its unbeatable taste and also a sense of relief as you get stuffed after going through those strong bouts of hunger pangs.

Chole bhature’s magic lies in the dough of bhature which is meant and made to make the final product a fluffy delight which wears the classic golden hue once it is fried. Then comes the celebrated bowl of chole which can have you run out of words with the sheer complexity in tastes courtesy the use of blended ground spices; and finally comes the pickles to top off the chole bhature. A few bites of pickle here and there can spice up the bites even more. At Sitaram Diwan Chand, a dash of polar thunder is also never too far. For we have a glass of lassi always ready for you. The kids too can get their favourite stick of kulfi to have more fun in their famous street food Delhi.

It is all but clear that the lip smacking dishes are a class apart but chole bhature is a clear favourite. And a chole bhature fan knows that Sitaram Diwan Chand is where they can find the goldmine of tasty golden bread with flavourful chole. So, once we get back to normalcy, let there be a celebration like no other and let there also be food galore!

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